Children are often more inclined to become ill more easily than adults because they have not yet fully developed their immune systems. It is important that they use good hygiene practices to stay healthier. Just telling your child to practice good hygiene habits usually doesn’t work because they don’t understand the concept of hygiene and good health.

You need to show them the right way to achieve good hygiene, such as washing hands and face. Then you need to explain to them why they should always be their hands and face, but not become technical with your child, because this is fruitless because they do not understand the complete concept of hygiene. Instead, you should do a game with what you teach them. Most kids love games and they will stick to what you teach them when it becomes a fun thing.

You should use funny things they can wash with, like colorful soaps, funny towels and soaps with toys is always a great success for the toddler. The best way to show your child good hygiene habits is, for example. If you go to wash your hands before a meal or the preparation of a meal, they will follow you and will also want to wash their hands.

When an infant starts exploring its surroundings, it is most prone to falls and stumbling blocks because it is insecure on its feet and simply finds its balance. As hard as it may be, try to keep rooms free of clutter. Easy storage is very effective in providing certain areas for toys and other household items, keeping them off the floor.

Hard floors are not ideal for children as they can become slippery, especially when wearing socks; spills become dangerous and of course, a hard floor is not a nice thing to land on. So consider carpeting the rooms your child uses the most, such as the living room and bedroom, and check that all carpets on hard floors have a non-slip lining.

You should set up a routine for your child to know when to wash their hands and brush their teeth. It is important that you follow a routine so that your child knows that this is what is expected of him. You can carry the procedure further by making sure they spend enough time in the bathroom brushing and washing their teeth. You should not rush them, but stay with them and help them if they want to stop before they are clean or have brushed all their teeth.

If you have more than one child, you can suggest rewards for those who really do a good job. A table in which your child gets a star when he or she leaves the bathroom with clean hands, face and neck might be appropriate.

It is a good thing if all children deserve their star, then you can reward them with a movie night or a special treat. The reward system should only be used for a short time and not as a permanent method of teaching good hygiene practices. The example you show will help your child practice good hygiene habits.